Kitchen Cabinet Painting Options

  1. We can quote in detail & offer to complete the entire kitchen. This includes all materials & equipment needed to successfully prepare, prime & apply our durable moisture & chemical resistant products. Pricing varies based on the size of the kitchen, the number and style of doors & drawer fronts as well as any details like valance, crown molding, bread boxes, islands, spindles & details like the current condition & type of material the kitchen is made from. We walk you through the entire process in starting with a very detailed quote including time lines for completion. The pricing for this model starts at $2100 + tax

  2. We also offer what we call a DIY model where we spray in our shop the doors, drawer fronts and any removable pieces. In this model we offer to supply the homeowner with the needed materials, product, equipment & detailed instructions on applying the product. We will upon picking up your doors go over your kitchen looking for any concerns and explaining the best way to approach and successfully complete the in home portion following our instructions. This option is useful where kitchens are small or the homeowner is handy and has the skills to complete the in home portion. In many cases smaller kitchens do not have a great deal of trim or side panels and our minimum in home costs just don't make a great deal of sense. 50% of our customers use this model and have a 100% success rate when following our instructions. We are always available to share and guide you through the entire process. The pricing for this model starts at $1250 + tax

As a trained Furniture & Cabinet builder with many years experience in renovations we can & will also assist you in determining the correct order where additional work is being completed on Kitchens like new flooring, counter tops, carpentry or fresh coats of paint on the walls. There is a proper order to have these carried out and we are more than willing to guide you through the process to ensure you have a seamless time line for completion whether you choose us to complete all the cabinet respraying or use our DIY model.

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