Warranty Info & Disclaimer: Kitchen Cabinet Painting


Our warranty begins once completion has taken place and any balance due for said work is paid in full and is limited to our workmanship only, this includes dust, particles, runs, sags, uneven finish or cracking where the finish rolls up & curls due to poor adhesion and comes off leaving the primer behind. Hairline cracking at wood seams or joints and flaking off where the lacquer & primer come off are NOT covered as it is caused by expansion & contraction of the wood and this is well beyond our control. We DO NOT cover Chipping in the finish or any other circumstances where something beyond our control causes damage. 

We do everything we can to ensure your doors are lined up with even gaps and that they are not touching when we leave. If there are any issues with the hinges or hardware that effect the ability of the doors to shut or line up properly we will let you know on the day of the install. We go over any concerns that stop us from making proper alignments like but not limited to worn hinges, missing screws, lose screws etc.

If you happen to notice any mis-alignments that are NOT caused by worn hinges you will need to notify us within 14 days for it to be covered under our warranty. We are NOT responsible for wear and tear issues of any kind as it relates to your hinges or any hardware you have or your use of the kitchen.

Lacquer is NOT chip proof and can be damaged by objects. 

Moisture or chemicals coming into contact with it should be cleaned or wiped up as quick as possible so as to NOT allow the water or chemicals to soak in. This will over time degrade any new finish.

The product we use requires a 30 day curing period for full hardness. We use Infra Red Lighting to speed up & ensure your doors are cured at delivery however you must be gentle and allow any in home work to cure during the 30 day curing period. It has a high chip, chemical & moisture resistance that is rated higher then paints. It however can be damaged by everyday use under certain circumstances.

Cleaning should be with soap & water ONLY, chemicals will degrade the finish and the warranty is void should any chemicals be used on the new finish.  Spills should be cleaned as quickly as possible to avoid staining or discolouration from food or any liquids.

Due to circumstances and/or conditions that may be beyond our control, like but not limited to the current condition* (see below) of any given piece to be sprayed, resprayed, refinished or finished, the workmanship warranty is limited from the date of delivery of sprayed items unless otherwise expressed in writing at the time of quoting by  Spray It Like New Kitchens Inc.
2 - Year Warranty on Spraying previously unfinished wood products.
2 - Year Warranty on Re Spraying where there is no current cracking, flaking, chipping or contamination from food, grease or staining of any kind.
6 - Month Warranty on items that are excessively greasy, show cracking, flaking or chipping in the existing finish as well as laminate or artificial surfaces including Thermo Foil, Foil or melamine.  
6 - Month Warranty on any items that show staining of chemicals, crayons, marker's, Oils etc. (Water marks are NOT included)

Colour matches are not to be expected to be 100% and may vary (we rely on our supplier's experience to match colours correctly), you must report colour discrepencies within a 24 hour period from delivery of items and if they are significant we will correct or respray to get a close as possible match. We are not responsible for colour matching beyond a 24 hour period from delivery. You acknowledge accepting items and there colour and have no repercussions or warranty on said colour beyond 24 hours from delivery.

Chemicals and Oils can be absorbed into the wood pores, the solvents in the waterborne products will slowly draw the stains up and into the finish when the stains are very bad, this is well beyond our control and can affect the life span or the appearance of the new finish. We will attempt to correct 1 time only any stains that occur within the first 30 days of delivery at no charge to you.
The waterborne lacquer we use has a warranty of 15 years when applied properly and according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

You must provide details of your request for any warranty work you believe you need and allow any agreed upon warranty work to be completed within a 30 day period following the subsequent agreement on our part to correct any deficiency. Repairing quickly will mitigate the amount of damage and time needed to repair the area, leaving wood exposed for long periods can allow contaminants to enter the wood pores making a repair harder to fix.
After 30 days your warranty on that defect will expire and no repair will be completed by us at NO COST to you.

The definition by us of  current condition*  is described as items that may or may not have been:
1. Contaminated by chemicals, foods, grease, ink or any item or liquid that may have penetrated the current finish and/or reached the wood or material that can shorten the lifespan of a new finish. Any contamination not seen by you and/or & Spray It Like New Kitchens Inc. that would be beyond our control.
2. Reflective of  the style and physical condition of any given piece prior to having been worked upon including but not limited to: Dings, Dents, Scratches, over sanding, under sanding, machine marks, wood chip out, knots, type of material used in construction, quality of assembly and anything as it relates to expansion & contraction of various wood species and how these movements can affect the ability of getting an even sheen and bonded spray that will last. Any current physical conditions of items that are present and noticed by Spray It Like New Kitchens Inc. are NOT repaired by us or pointed out to customers unless a noticeable defect that would affect the ability to use the item, and/or affect our ability to spray the item and/or cause us to have a safety concern and notice the damage or concern prior to providing any service on that piece. Customers requiring repairs must ask for and have any repairs quoted for and provided for on the quote then subsequent final invoice for any warranty to be implied or valid on said repairs. We are not responsible for any workmanship or physical defects present prior to the pickup of any items.

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