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Cross Linking Urethane Lacquer Finishes

We are now booking Late May 2021 for Full Version

We have some DIY Version dates available at various times.

COVID-19 Business Closures at any point will have an affect on scheduling and push dates down according to closure timeline.



The Information we require to quote ReSpraying Kitchens is listed below, this information should be emailed to:  ​​


  1. You should supply pictures of the kitchen showing the layout, style and any damage that is existing to the finish or doors themselves. We do not rely on these pictures to accurately count the number of doors, drawer fronts and their style whether pantry, glass, solid or frame & panel. We use them to determine the style and if any crown molding, valance, or appliance boxes or gables are present. We do not quote based on square footage, we have pricing based on the style mentioned above. We require an accurate total number of doors if any are Pantry size, glass or other average doors similar in size, the exact size is not important beyond them being pantry or glass. We need the total number of drawer fronts that are utensil size up to 16", wider utensil or deeper pot & pan size. We do NOT take the entire drawer, we do the fronts only.

  2. You should provide us with as much detail as you can regarding the current condition of the finish. Including any current runs, sags or blemishes in the finish. Quoting is based on the information you provide, repairs to current finish or wood blemishes/dings/dents/cracks or repairs of any nature are not included in the price unless specifically requested by you and quoted for. We would also like to know if you are looking for our DIY model (where we respray the removable items and we show you how to complete any box sides or exposed box trim) or whether you're looking for our team to complete all aspects of the job or whether you might like having us quote both options.

  3. You should provide us with an accurate description of your intentions including the colour range (medium dark & dark colours incur additional charges), this helps us to inform you on what you can expect based on the colour range. Medium Dark & Dark colours are tinted in a clear base, they then require additional coats to build up a true solid colour, additional darker colour charges start at $300. Cracks or flaws in any items from manufacturing or subsequent damage from dings & dents to impressions made by handles or pulls that were over tightened are more visible when using white or off-white colours and we will discuss how if possible we can reduce or hide these conditions. Hole filling charges per hole are $2.50 & hole drilling charges are $1.50 per hole when required and quoted on in wrting as per our quotes. Minimum $50 charge for either service. WE do NOT spray "paints" we use an Acrylic Urethane Based Waterborne Lacquer that offers a higher moisture and chip resistance than paints. Lacquer's are the standard interior wood finish when Kitchen Cabinets are originally manufactured and offer a longer lasting finer, smoother finish than any paint can.

  4. You should also provide us with Your City.  


We offer two painting programs:

Note: We do not apply lacquer over previously "painted" items. We do however apply a solid coloured lacquer over other "Lacquer" finishes.


Please ensure you include the model(s) you are requesting for a quote.

#1  Full Service Version.

Where we complete all the work including the door removal as well as painting the cabinet boxes in home.

Kitchens where we do all the work & supply all the materials start at $2400 + tax 
#2  Or Our DIY Version as described below. Our minimum DIY Pricing with materials is $1400 + tax including materials & tools for your use.

Please let us know which version you would like quoted.

DIY Pricing Model

We also offer a DIY Version where again we offer the lowest pricing possible for the same lacquer & Infra Kure technology and we let you choose the level of service you would like in order to save you money!

In our basic DIY model we have you clean, remove and replace the doors, drawer fronts and all hardware in order to save you money.


We include Pick Up & Delivery of the doors, we take and spray the doors and items in our shop, this takes between 6-12 days from the pick up date to complete. All Items should be cleaned using TSP or DYNAMIC® CHOMP CLEANER DEGREASER


We include the proper tools you need to complete the in home portion using a special roller, the product is self levelling and flows out very well for a nice smooth finish, the product & detailed instructions included.

You can however request for a small charge that we clean, remove & replace the doors, drawer fronts & hardware, you can request that we fill old hardware holes, drill new holes with a jig designed to get accurate hole placement so handles are level & straight. We can cut and spray new kick plate or do repairs you do not feel comfortable doing as well.

We do NOT like to charge all customers for things they do not need however we do need to charge basic rates for our time when repairs or modifications are requested.

This pricing is per piece and for Both Sides & Edges & Subject to change:

Our minimum DIY Pricing with materials is $1400 + tax

Pantry Doors $80

Glass Doors $65

All Other Doors $45

Utensil Drawer Fronts $25

Pot & Pan Drawer Fronts $30 to $40

Crown Molding $2.50 ft

Valance $1.50 ft

Appliance Gables $120

12" Wide Upper Gables/Side Panels $25

24" Lower Side Gables/Panels $45


Kitchens where we do all the work & supply all the materials start at $2400 + tax 

Please do NOT ask us to Ballpark price!  

We offer very detailed quotes, answering 99% of questions you will have. Please follow our guidelines and help make the quoting process as seamless as possible.


We do not have a showroom for people to stop by.

We also do not have a dedicated sales person.

It is important to follow the business model and process laid out on this page.

Those that do follow our guidelines are put in the Que and are a priority over those that do not.

Those that choose to try and navigate around the process are left waiting.

Our model is designed for us to be as efficient as possible, we simply do not accommodate requests from people to alter our way of conducting business. There is some however little flexibility that would in the end not disrupt our process.

Once you receive a quote and you would then like to see a sample we will make arrangements for you to see a sample on a door that is similar to what you have in terms of style and/or wood type.

We are professional wood refinishers trained in several types of finishes, we specialize in Waterborne Cross Linking Urethane lacquer finishes for interior wood & MDF products.

We understand the chemistry behind lacquer and how to get that long lasting, chip & moisture resistant bond needed in high moisture areas like kitchens, bathrooms & table tops. We offer up to a 2 year warranty on some wood surfaces, be assured we back up our spraying and complete the best job possible, we explain the entire process as well as care and cleaning for your items to maintain a long lasting vibrant finish.

We are however NOT able to apply lacquer over some finishes with results that will last and we don't want these people to waste their money so we turn down some quotes for these reasons.

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