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Please ensure you take the time needed to read the entire quote, it is designed to inform you and answer most questions customers have when looking for a cabinet painting company. You will find it is very detailed oriented and there is even more detailed info located on our website regarding Lacquer vs Paint here:


We are currently booking [Insert date here] on a first come first serve basis with a deposit.

A 20% deposit is required for booking.

Timelines from start to finish are typically 7 to 10 Days 95% of the time. Drying times during high humidity days can play a factor in completion. Our goal is to do the job right the first time and we take the time needed to do that.


The available sheen level for the product we use is as follows: Satin 30% Sheen Level

You can choose any Paint colour you like, we would require the name and code number for your selection and a physical swatch for any off brands like Sico, BEHR, Farrow & Ball etc.. “We’ll Match Any Colour”

Please note that fine smooth wood finishes tend to reflect light greater than paints do, this can and does affect colours by making them appear lighter when in a brighter setting.

Different kitchens have different light available and brightness in your kitchen should be noted when choosing colours.

If you are choosing a colour you do not want to appear too light you should pick a slightly darker shade to compensate for your lighting. Yellow Incandescent lighting will also change the appearance of any finish making it creamier, we recommend true white lighting to get the best colour matching results.


Our methods are to spray doors/valance and any removable pieces in our shop and we complete the in home portion with the same self leveling product using hand tools. No brush or roller marks are visible as the product levels itself very well. It does not look  like the orange peel effect that you would see with paints whether sprayed or rolled.

It is impossible to spray 100% of any kitchen due to spray gun size and in most smaller kitchens the cost to tape & seal is too great for a few smaller areas. We have been using this method 90% of the time for 10 years now with excellent results. You can however request we spray the in home portion, pricing is based on the service we offer and what your needs are for your kitchen. We offer hole filling, hole drilling and some repairs for small additional charges. Not all customers need these repairs and we do not wish to charge all customers for something they do not need. We will remove your old hardware and replace your new hardware at no extra cost as long as you have it available when the installation occurs. If you are changing the handle configuration or location we need to know that in advance so any hole filling or drilling can be completed prior to application of the lacquer.



You would be responsible for ensuring no visible food or grease is on any areas, we will clean the doors and wipe down the in home portion however 1 in 10 kitchens we do seem to be excessive in grease or food debris and we ask you do your part to help the process if this is the case, you can clean any visible contamination and any in home areas with TSP or Chomp cleaner. We also need you to empty part of the cupboards in advance of any work being completed or door pick up & removal by us, (clearing any open shelves like microwave etc, for the in home portion) ..and having all surfaces/counter tops to be completed clear of items and drawers to be empty so we can detach the drawer face. You must also move the fridge and stove away from any work areas for the in home portions. We do not move appliances, dish wear or touch any natural gas, electrical or water connections for liability reasons. We are NOT professional plumbers, electricians or gas fitters. We are not insured  as any of these trades as we do not have licenses to carry on in those business’s. Unfortunately after many years of experience we have had issues relating to moving appliances that scratch or damage new floors and not because we weren’t careful, we have had new glass top stoves break due to the tight tolerances of the installation (the cost alone to replace these glass tops is about 75% the cost of the appliance itself). We have also experienced while moving fridges water leaks in poorly installed water lines that can be slow and cause damage. We certainly do not want to accidentally create a gas leak on a stove that could have potentially dangerous consequences. It is in your best interest to hire licensed professionals where electrical, water and gas hookups need moving, shutting off or disconnecting. You may find other companies willing to do that however you should make sure that they are insured to do so in the event any damage is caused.



CLEANING IS CRUCIAL on previously finished items to get a longer lasting finish, please do not take that lightly.

All wood finishes including paints require a clean surface for proper adhesion.


Spray It Like New Kitchens requires a Deposit of 20%

Deposits are Non Refundable under any circumstances once items have been picked up by us.
Deposits paid in advance are refundable up until 6:00 pm 5 days prior to a scheduled weeks pickup.


Payments can be made by Cash, Interac email transfer to:, Visa or Mastercard (add a 3.4% surcharge for any portion paid by credit card to cover the fees we pay). We don't want to include that cost in our pricing and charge all customers when most pay by cash or etransfer.


Deposits are due on booking and the balance would be due on or before delivery


Please Do Not assume we do any repairs of any nature including pre existing drips, sags, runs, chipping or cracking of wood. When these issues exist, they must be identified by you & quoted for in writing by us. We do include a small amount of some repairs however when they exceed one hour or require us to purchase additional materials or parts we do charge extra for that. You are responsible for purchasing and having any new hardware available at the time of installation.

Please inspect your items to see if these problems may exist. 


It is your obligation to inspect any pieces for damage, indentations caused by over tightened hardware or machine marks prior to us picking these items up for spraying. We are NOT responsible for any wood defects, machine marks or pre-existing physical characteristics that exist on wood, MDF or any materials the items are made from. Including your original hardware.


Lacquer’s, Acrylic Urethane's or paints are not designed to fill the open grain patterns of Oak or any wood/material or any pre-existing cracks in joints or the wood itself that come from manufacturing or have happened over time as the wood dries and shrinks. Lacquer’s & paints will follow any grain patterns or shapes. Grain patterns and/or any hair line cracks in the material being sprayed are very likely to be visible upon completion of spraying. We do have some methods to mitigate these issues we however do not warranty or guarantee we can make them disappear or return at a later date. Wood expands and contracts regularly and that is beyond our control. The lighter the colour being sprayed the more visible any cracks, dings, dents or grain patterns will show after spraying a solid colour. Fluctuations of humidity greater than 15% in your home over a short period of time can cause issues with any wood materials & cabinet doors are no exception.

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