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Professional Kitchen Wood Finishers!

693 Cabinet ReFinishes Completed Since 2014

Make Your Old Cabinets Like New™ Again
We'll Match Any Colour
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Modern Gray Cabinets
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Simply The Best Kitchen Cabinet Renovation Available!

Factory Fine Furniture Grade Finishes!

We are Professional Wood Finishers with Extensive Cabinet Building Knowledge!

We Use Cross Linking Urethane Lacquer with a Very High Chip, Chemical & Moisture Resistant Formula!

Locally Owned & Operated & we have more hands on experience then anyone in our market at this time. Windsor - Chatham Ontario Cabinet Painters


Simply The Best Kitchen Cabinet renovation Solution Available!​​

7 to 10 Day turn around on almost all kitchens to get a Factory Fine, Smooth Furniture Grade Lacquer Finish!

We use chemistry for proper adhesion using lacquer & InfraKure technology to cure your doors prior to installation!

We are the ONLY company offering to InfraKure your doors!

We offer a cross linking urethane lacquer as close to poly urethane as you can get without losing the flexibility needed for the expansion & contraction of wood. With an extremely high chip, chemical & moisture resistant formula that will last for years & years.

At Spray It Like New Kitchens we offer a 2 Year Warranty against peeling included in our quoted pricing. An extended warranty for peeling is available upon request for an additional cost up to 15 years.

Our years of experience say if it is going to peel it will peel within the first 90 days after completion 99% of the time.


Our company takes your old, outdated kitchen and applies a new factory-like finish without the cost of an expensive kitchen renovation. Our services offer to walk you through the Kitchen Renovation Process, we can help you with the order in which you renovate from new counter tops, floors & backsplashes prior to having your cabinets refinished!


Company founder Tracy Sauer is a St. Clair College (Windsor) trained furniture and cabinet builder since 1984.

Having lived in Windsor from 1976 to Dec 2007 He is trained in refinishing and repairing wood furniture, from antiques to modern wood items. Our Spray Shop is now located in Chatham-Kent to better serve the Windsor to London Corridor due to demand & referrals! His In Home Finishing Team is however still based in Windsor. We bring our service to your home!


The factory finish on our products means your cabinets will look like new for years to come.

  • To get started, we’ll ask you to select the Get A Quote Tab at the top, Fill Out & Submit it and you will then be sent a detailed quote usually the same day.

  • Once you choose our service we’ll have you prepare your cabinets so we can get to work.

  • We’ll remove the cabinet doors and drawer fronts and take them to our shop to be sanded, conditioned, primed and lacquered.

  • We'll then have our professional technician attend & complete your in home box exteriors along with any trim, crown molding, kick plates and interiors where clear glass is present and the interior cabinet is visible.

  • Then we’ll re-install your cabinet doors and drawer fronts align them as best as possible & go over cleaning and warranty details.



We are Professional Cabinet Painters!

Like New Kitchen Cabinets 
| Windsor | Lakeshore | LaSalle | Leamington | Chatham 

Make Your Kitchen 'Like New' Again


Cabinet Finishing

We spray your kitchen cabinets with a solid coloured cross linking lacquer, giving them a smooth factory finish.

With an extremely high chip, chemical & moisture resistant formula that will last for years & years. We'll Match Any Colour!


Cabinet Repairs

We offer Kitchen Cabinet repairs whether you need hardware handle holes filled or new ones drilled or new kick plate to replace damaged areas or perhaps you have had a new floor installed and want to cover up the edge of the flooring where a gap or grout line has been created. Ask us about other repairs that may be possible.

Kitchen Transformation!

Windsor - Essex, Chatham -Kent Ontario
Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Transform Your Kitchen


To get started, we’ll ask a few questions and offer a detailed quote.


Then we’ll have you prepare your cabinets so we can get to work on the in home portion.


We’ll take the cabinet doors and drawer fronts to our shop to be sanded, conditioned, primed and lacquered.


Then we’ll return your cabinet doors and drawer fronts and reattach them for you.

Expert Cabinet Painters

Spray It Like New Kitchens are known in our community for our high-quality work. We take pride in our workmanship and the value we offer our clients.

Simply the Best Kitchen Cabinet Renovation Solution Available!

Tracy Sauer

Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Ontario!


College-trained Furniture/Cabinet Builder 1984 St. Clair College Windsor


Tracy has been a college-trained furniture/cabinet builder since 1984. He has focused on kitchens for the past 13 years, and refinished his first kitchen 22 years ago.


Tracy’s effective, time-proven system using lacquer products to respray kitchens is mimicked by competitors.


“I enjoy woodworking and finishing and this is the reason I am in business. I find it relaxing and fulfilling to be able to provide fine furniture grade finishes that please people for the quality and appearance that I offer.”

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painting with Lacquer