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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Southwestern Ontario

Breathe New Life Into Your Old Kitchen, Bath or Laundry!

We'll Match Any Colour

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Southwestern Ontario Kitchen Cabinet Painters

Transform Your Kitchen

What sets us apart from other Kitchen Cabinet Painters?

Knowledge & Experience, We have a College Trained Furniture & Cabinet Builder with extensive finishing & refinishing wood knowledge.

See Below for Door Replacement

Tracy spent many years refinishing antiques, hotel furniture as well as custom woodworking.

Tracy understands that not all kitchens are equal. There are many wood species that show varied grain patterns as well as age and condition of existing finishes.

Understanding wood and its characteristics is a key advantage we have over our competitors.

Painting backgrounds can help however a wood finishing background will get you to the best results for your wood species and finish. Knowing the current finish as well as the type of stain used can be the difference between a Pro finisher & a Painter.

Many species of wood will over time bleed the natural oils to the surface and can distort most finishes, Oil based and Toner stains bleed through new finishes as well. 

Knowing the proper product to apply as a sealer and knowing the best way to apply it for any given wood or conditions like vertical or horizontal panels. Your wood should be sealed properly by a primer that can stick to glass. This is the first step, the second step is a lacquer finish that can stick to the primer and has non yellowing qualities.

Many competitors are using Waterborne Alkyd Cabinet Paint. That is certainly better then using Latex however Alkyd's are known for getting hard and brittle over time and they will not expand and contract as much as they age therefore creating cracking situations sooner then the Urethane products that are available.

Our approach to any given wood or material varies in the tools/spray equipment we use as well as  the application process based on best practices for the best overall and longest lasting finishes. In part due to a wood like Oak being overly grainy and spraying vertical surfaces like Oak create fill issues and proper leveling of the cross linking urethane we use & in part based on kitchen design. We can't get one of our 3 spray gun types to get 100% of kickplates or inside some corner cabinets and small areas and we change our system or equipment as needed to get the best results for that area. Many of the big wall units we spray have large exposed surfaces that allow for most spray guns however not all kitchens do.

We adapt using our knowledge & experience to get the best possible results for any given Kitchen.

You can't beat experience especially when it is in the wood finishing category for your Kitchen Refinish.

Your Kitchens new finish will look - Like New™ when you hire Spray It Like New Kitchens.

Maple Leaf

Southwestern Ontario Kitchen Cabinet Painters

Update Your Kitchen, Bath & Laundry
Without The Stress

These add-on services include:

-Door & Drawer Front replacement services with many styles & materials to choose from​.

-Our personalized services can help walk you through the process for changing floors, countertops, backsplashes to get your entire project completed in order for the best and most cost efficient renovation to your home!

-Filling hardware handle holes

-Drilling new holes

-Replacing worn kick plates

-Adding new kick plates


We’ll take care of the small repairs you aren’t comfortable handling yourself.


Our experienced team will make finishing your cabinets a breeze.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

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We'll Match Any Colour

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