Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Southwestern Ontario

Breathe New Life Into Your Old Kitchen

We'll Match Any Colour

Southwestern Ontario Kitchen Cabinet Painters

Transform Your Kitchen

Why repair your cabinets when we can make them look like new with a fresh coats of lacquer?


Our unique kitchen cabinet spray technology means your kitchen cabinets will look like new.


We spray your cabinets with a solid-coloured lacquer, giving them a smooth factory like finish that makes them look like new.


Compared to paint, lacquer lasts longer, is far more durable then paints and looks better. Your cabinets will look new for years to come.

Southwestern Ontario Kitchen Cabinet Painters

Update Your Kitchen Without The Stress

This add-on service includes:

-Filling hardware handle holes

-Drilling new holes

-Replacing worn kick plates

-Adding new kick plates


We’ll take care of the small repairs you aren’t comfortable handling yourself.


Our experienced team will make finishing your cabinets a breeze.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

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We'll Match Any Colour

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ontario

Transforming your kitchen with durable, high quality lacquer finishes.

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