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Our Unique Process takes between 7 & 10 days for a Factory Fine Finish with Lacquer!


We do NOT rush your kitchen, Factory Like Lacquer Finishes take patience & attention to detail to avoid cracking & peeling issues down the road. We like to do it right the first time!

First, we’ll ask you to clean your cabinets so no visible food or grease contamination is showing before we start them. Wood finishes need to be dry in order to get the best primer/sealer bond. We are not able to lacquer certain finishes like Thermo Foil or items where paints have been applied over a previous lacquer finish.


Next, we’ll complete a finish sanding to remove bumps, cracking, and flaking in the old finish. Feathering out any blemishes in the old finish is crucial to the appearance of the final finish.


Here is where our process is unique: we use chemistry, solvents and conditioners to deepen the clean, and soften the old finish, opening up the pores of the finish. This step is crucial for any open grain, especially on oak.


Next, we apply a primer/sealer. Your original finish is likely a lacquer product. Our sealer and the old finish bond or melt together very well. This also seals the natural colour or tannins/oils in the wood from bleeding through the new finish.


Finally, we complete a finish sanding of the primer/sealer by hand and apply the waterborne titanium based cross-linking urethane in the colour(s) of your choice.


We schedule the in-home portion of our work while your cabinet doors are in our shop. This takes 2 or more days depending on the size & detail of your kitchen.


Our method varies based on wood type & detail and size of the kitchen. On the in home portion we’ll either apply the primer/sealer & lacquer by hand or with our spray method. Our experience dictates that using the self leveling product with a special 4" roller that we can force the primer into the open or porous wood grain better on vertical surfaces vs spraying, where Oak wood is concerned this is crucial to getting a better long lasting bond that soaks deeper into the open wood grain. The product levels itself out so no roller or brush marks are visible anywhere. This method has been working very well for us over the last 10 years and served to reduce adhesion problems making them virtually non existent!


We'll return your lacquered doors 1 to 2 days after completing them and hang them back on the hinges.


We’ll also leave a touch up bottle for any damages down the road.


The cross linking urethane fully cures over a 30-day period based on

room temperature and humidity. It can take longer depending on these conditions.


The water borne lacquers flash off the solvent in 6-8 hours under normal conditions. Cabinets will be touch dry in 30 minutes. You just need to be gentle while the full cure takes place.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ontario

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

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We'll Match Any Colour