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Kitchen Cabinet Painters

Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Southwestern Ontario

Two Options to Save You Money
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We'll Match Any Colour

Southwestern Ontario Kitchen Cabinet Painters

Transform Your Kitchen

We offer two options for spray services: Full Service and Do It Yourself (DIY).


We let you choose the level of service you would like in order to save you money.

Simply The Best Kitchen Cabinet Painters!

Please let us know which version you would like quoted.

Quotes are VALID for 30 days Only!

Door & Drawer Front Replacement Services also available:

Solid Wood, Plywood panels, MDF or a combination.

Option 1:

Full Service

We complete all of the work including the door removal and painting the cabinet boxes in home.

Door & drawer front replacement services are also available.


We include pick-up and delivery of the doors, and spray them in our shop. This takes between 6-9 days from the pick-up date to complete. The in home portion of the work is usually a 2 day process for small to medium size.


All labour and materials full services begin at $2800 + tax

Materials run an everage $400 per kitchen.

There are a few exceptions that apply where discounts are available.

Pricing varies by Kitchen Size, Design and details.

Option 2:

Do It Yourself (DIY)

In our basic DIY model, we have you clean, remove and replace the

doors, drawer fronts and all hardware in order to save you money.


We include primer/sealer, cross linking urethane also known as water poly and the proper tools you need to complete the in home portion using a special roller, with detailed instructions.


Our minimum DIY pricing with materials is $1450 + tax, including materials and tools for your use.

Materials run an average $400 per kitchen.

You can request the following services, including:

  • Door, drawer, and hardware removal

  • New Door Replacement

  • Fill old hardware holes $5.00 per hole

  • Drill new holes $1.00 per hole

  • Drill 35mm hinge holes $5.00 hole

  • Cut and spray new kick plate $2 per linear foot

  • Other repairs you do not feel comfortable doing yourself

Full service kitchens with all materials start at $2800 + tax


We offer very detailed quotes, answering 99% of questions you will have. Please follow our guidelines and help make the quoting process as seamless as possible.

This DIY pricing is per piece.

Includes Both Sides & Edges

Prices are subject to change.

  • Pantry Doors $100 to $150

  • Glass Doors $65 to $85

  • All Other Doors $50 to $80

  • Utensil Drawer Fronts $15 to $40

  • Pot & Pan Drawer Fronts $50 to $65

  • Crown Molding $4.50/ft

  • Valance $3.00/ft

  • Appliance Gables $140 Both Sides

  • 12" Wide Upper Gables/Side Panels $45 to $65

  • Lower Side Gables/Panels $55 to $75


Kitchen Cabinet Painting

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We'll Match Any Colour

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