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Our warranty begins once the doors & drawer fronts are delivered re:(DIY Version) or are installed by us re:(Full Version), and is only valid once payment is received in full as described in the quote including any additional charges for services including but not limited to repairs, additional materials related to repairs, changes in colour, tinted product purchased by us when a change in colour has been requested by customer and or once the services have commenced.

Pick up of any doors, drawer fronts or materials constitutes acceptance on the customers part and the quote and related invoice(s) shall be deemed valid.

Warranty includes:

  • 2-year warranty on spraying previously unfinished wood products that do not have an excessive moisture content in the wood, the normal range is 6% to 8%.

  • 2-year warranty on re-spraying where there is no current cracking, flaking, chipping or contamination from food, grease or staining of any kind.

  • 12-month warranty on items that are excessively greasy, show cracking, flaking or chipping in the existing finish.

  • 6-month warranty on any items that show staining of chemicals, crayons, markers, oils, etc. (water marks are not included)

It is our experience that 90% of any issues related to adhesion show themselves during the curing process, given we cure your doors using InfraKure before installation that solves almost all adhesion issues with them, the work in your home however needs to cure for up to 30 days depending on temperature & humidity.

A further 9% of adhesion problems due to contamination show themselves within the first 60 days as the product acclimates to your home & are fully covered under our warranty. On rare occasions we have had adhesion problems that took 90 days to show themselves and again are caused by contamination that has soaked into the old finish and/or wood and slowly worked there way to the new surface. The primer/sealer we use will stick to glass as long as the surface is clean.

For peace of mind we now offer Limited Extended warranty coverage

on any wood or Formica surfaces, coverage can be purchased with a Minimum additional 3 years for $100 + tax and $35 a year thereafter up to 7 more additional years for up to a total of 12 years (10 year package is $300 + tax) however the additional warranty must be purchased & paid for at the time of installation. The warranty is limited to peeling of the finish not related to fire, excessive heat from fires or portable heaters or water damage caused by flooding of any kind in your home. It is your obligation to request the additional coverage prior to or at the time of installation. Additional warranty length will be noted on your invoice.

Due to circumstances and/or conditions beyond our control*, the

workmanship warranty is limited from the date of delivery of sprayed items unless otherwise expressed in writing at the time of quoting by Spray It Like New Kitchens Inc.

We reserve the right to update our policies & warranty at any time and updates will be made on our website at any point we deem necessary. We will honour any previously expressed warranties at the time of completion & full payment as laid out at the top of this page.

Our warranty is limited to our workmanship only, including:

  • Dust

  • Particles

  • Runs

  • Sags

  • Uneven finish

  • Cracking

  • Peeling

We do not cover:


  • Hairline cracking at wood seams or joints

  • Chipping in the finish

  • Wear and tear on hardware and hinges

  • These are wear & tear issues beyond our control

Lacquer is not chip-proof. Moisture or chemicals coming into contact with it should be cleaned or wiped up as soon as possible to prevent stains, discoloration, and water damage. Over time, this will degrade any finish.


Our product has a high chip, chemical and moisture resistance compared to paint. It can still be damaged by everyday use. Not even a car is chip proof.


Cleaning should be done with soap and water only. Household Chemicals will slowly degrade the finish and void your warranty. Solvents like acetone, lacquer thinner will ruin the finish.


We will attempt to correct any stains that occur within the first 90 days of delivery at no charge to you.


The waterborne lacquer we use has a warranty of 15 years when applied properly and according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Contamination in the original finish will reduce this timeline.


We do everything we can to ensure your doors are lined up when we leave. If there are any issues with the hinges or hardware that effect the ability of the doors to shut or line up properly we will let you know on the day of the install. We go over any concerns that stop us from making proper alignments.


If you happen to notice any misalignments not caused by worn hinges, notify us within 30 days for it to be covered under our warranty.


Colour discrepancies must be reported within 24 hours of delivery. You acknowledge accepting items and their colour and have no warranty on said colour beyond that time frame.


You must provide details of your request for any warranty work you need and allow any agreed upon work to be completed within a 30-day period following the agreement to correct any deficiency.


Repairing quickly will mitigate the amount of damage and time needed to repair the area.


After 30 days, your warranty on that defect will expire.

The definition of your current condition is described as
items that may have been:

  • Contaminated by chemicals, foods, grease, ink or any item or liquid that may have penetrated the current finish or reached the wood material.


  • Reflective of the style and physical condition of any given piece prior to having been worked upon including but not limited to: dings, dents, scratches, over sanding, under sanding, machine marks, wood chip out, knots, type of material used in construction, quality of assembly and anything as it relates to expansion and contraction of wood.


  • We are not responsible for any workmanship or physical defects present prior to the pickup of any items.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ontario

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

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