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Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ontario

Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Southwestern Ontario

Make Your Old Cabinets New Again

Kitchen Cabinet Painters Southwestern Ontario

Making Old Cabinets Like New Again

If your kitchen is looking outdated and needs a refresh, you’ve come to the right place.


Replacing cabinets is expensive. Our lacquer finishes with InfraKure will take your old cabinets and make them new again without the cost of replacement.


Our customers tell us time and time again that their kitchen looks new, and not just painted.


From first glance, the difference shows. The lacquer factory finish, repairs, and trim we offer makes kitchen cabinets look like new again.

Cabinet Painters Southwestern Ontario

Increase Your Kitchen's Value

We value doing the best job possible for every kitchen we work on.


We’ve been in business since 1984, and we specialize in kitchens. Our experience in furniture and cabinetmaking, and our unique lacquer spray system set us apart.


Spray it Like New Kitchens specializes in spraying kitchen cabinets with a cross linking urethane finish, instead of traditional paint products.


Our process means your cabinets will look great for years to come, at a reasonable price.

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Tracy Sauer


Tracy has been a college trained furniture and cabinet builder since 1984 (St. Clair College- Windsor). Having lived & worked in the Windsor area for 31 years he is committed to excellence in woodworking and finishing. He takes pride in the high-quality, fine furniture grade finishes he provides for clients. Focusing on kitchens for the past 13 years, Tracy has developed a system for getting the very best adhesion using chemistry available with lacquer products to respray kitchens. His extensive knowledge and pride in his work means you can trust him with your kitchen cabinet needs.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ontario

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

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