Kitchens where we do all the work & supply all the materials start at $1880 + tax, this is our minimum charge for complete kitchens. 

You can also save $8 per door on a Complete Kitchen ReSpray by Removing & Replacing the doors & Hardware yourself!

DIY plan with our guidance  including materials & equipment starts at $1080 + tax, this is our minimum charge where cabinet doors are concerned.

Our DIY Model has you removing & replacing doors & hardware.

ReSpraying & ReNewing Your Kitchen Cabinets with Lacquer is most often between 20% & 30%  the cost of refacing or replacing them. That is tremendous value!

Why Us?

 We are professional wood refinishers trained in several types of finishes, we specialize in Waterborne Acrylic Urethane lacquer finishes for interior wood & MDF products.

We understand the chemistry behind lacquer and how to get that long lasting, chip & moisture resistant bond needed in high moisture areas like kitchens & table tops. We offer up to a 2 year warranty on some wood surfaces, be assured we back up our spraying and complete the best job possible, we explain the entire process as well as care and cleaning for your items to maintain a long lasting vibrant finish.

You can read about Wood Movement caused by Humidity and Temperatures and how that affects any type of finish here:

Read about our Warranty here:

 ​At  Spray It Like New .Kitchen we are focused on providing high quality sprayed Acrylic Urethane finishing services  Windsor ~ Chatham ~ London ~ St Thomas ~ Woodstock, we will do everything we can to meet or exceed your expectations. We specialize in Kitchen Cabinet ReSpraying Services. We have the samples to show you & 33+ years of wood finishing experience!

We use a Titanium based Acrylic Urethane Waterborne Coating, a  high solids waterborne coating system containing low levels of solvent allowing for a reduction in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants). Utilizing the latest waterborne technology, this system can be used in areas where extreme water and chemical resistance are necessary. It is a non-yellowing product.  

​​Looking for a Kitchen Renovation or Rescue?

Kitchen Cabinet Painting? 

ReSpraying? Refacing?

Warranty Info


We offer honest and reliable detailed quotes, and we like to think we do it right. Please feel free to offer a review upon completion.


Whether it’s our quick, quality, friendly service or the honesty and value we bring to every interaction, our customers love us for our straight forward honest approach to what is possible for your items. Not all woods or finishes are equal and not all kitchens are built with the same quality workmanship, we will take the time to explain the differences and point out any concerns based on the current condition of your kitchen and what you can expect as a final result. As trained furniture builders we understand construction techniques and will point out any areas that may be of concern along with any possible remedies to remove or hide any physical characteristics that show themselves when using light colours.

Wood is constantly expanding & contracting based on the level of heat & humidity in any given home, this can affect finishes when extreme fluctuations take place. This movement is inherent in wood and varies depending on the species.



 Our quotes include the type of service available, the cost of that service, the approx time needed to begin the service, the approx time needed to complete the service, the deposit amount and details that relate to the condition of your items and what you can expect for the final outcome based on the condition and type of materials we are working with.

Our Business Model

Simply the Best Kitchen Cabinet Renovation Solution Available!

With high quality lacquer products available that are durable, moisture & chip resistant & more importantly more flexible than paints.  
We believe using any paint including a latex or chalk paint is counter-productive to a long lasting finish
 We provide that factory finish!

Our finishes will transform your kitchen & increase its value at the same time!  

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Spray It Like New Kitchen Cabinet Painting

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Our Services

 Our model was created to conveniently conduct business online through this website and email exchanges. We do not have a showroom where we keep samples of completed wood refinishing items, our model starts by having potential customers send photos along with some needed details as outlined on our Online Quoting Info page.  Spray It Like New kitchen cabinet  painters. 

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Spray It Like New Kitchens
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We offer a range of  furniture, wood or Kitchen Cabinet ReSpraying Services in Southern Ontario from Windsor ~ Chatham ~ London ~ St Thomas ~ Woodstock! Our professional team works directly with you to come to the best solution for your items to create the best possible outcome, meeting or exceeding your expectations. Our 33+ years in wood finishing expertise exceeds our competitors, we are fine wood finishers vs being painters that lack the trained knowledge needed to understand current finishes and how they react to new finishes. This gives us the edge where longevity of a new finish is concerned. Our knowledge of all wood finishes is matched by no other painting company. Hire a professional wood finisher for the best results available, you will not be disappointed. The difference between a professional wood finish and paint is like night & day. You will see a sample prior to us starting any work and our customers tell us we complete a factory like finish every time.  

We are known for:

  • Timely, quality ReSpraying, the best possible for any given item.
  • Very friendly informed service.
  • Honest detailed quotes.
  • 33+ years experience refinishing wood items.
  • Offering realistic result details prior to starting so customer expectations are met or exceeded!

 Our warranties can be viewed below and vary depending on the current condition of your items as well as the type of materials we are spraying and are limited to our workmanship only.