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Our Kitchen Cabinet Painting Process & Why we follow it!

Preperation! Preperation! Preperation!

If you are looking at hiring someone to "paint" your cabinets there are certain musts you should ask, don't take their process lightly or the products they use. Fine wood finishing requires wood coatings that can handle the expansion & contraction of the wood (this is reduced where MDF/HDF are present), they need to stick well, have a high chip, chemical & moisture resistance.

There are many choices Oil Based paint, latex, waterborne alkyd cabinet paint, urethanes & coversion varnishes etc.

What's the best choice and why?

We use what is known as a water poly (waterborne version of polyurethane) these are European cross linking formulas that offer many great advantages over traditional wood finishing products as well as cabinet paints.

Water poly's offer a plastic like feel when applied correctly, they are flexible to the degree where normal conditions would not cause it to crack and peel due to expansion & contraction.

Typically waterpoly's are called 1K or 2K, we use 1K out of the can ready to spray, pre catalyzed although we also use InfraKure heating lamps to harden and cure the finish prior to delivery on most surface (excludes vinyl wraps) so we do not add any hardner to speed up drying, the InfraKure we use does that.

A clean kitchen is crucial to getting a great bond with any primer.

Degreasing a kitchen can take some time.

Once we have what we think is a nice clean working area, one free of contaminants and also obstacles like items on countertops, chairs, tables or any items that can be a safety hazard to our workers or interfear with the proper application of the new finish we then will tape off your kitchen where the cabinets meet the wall, ceilings or floor and we cover your countertops in any working area.

Once that has happened we complete a finish sanding to scuff down the old finish, we wipe that down with a damp cloth and/or a mild solvent and the surface is ready for primer.

We use an Alcohol based primer for the following reasons, the alcohol will soften previous lacquer finishes, this allows the primer and old coating to essentially melt or fuse together better than paint primers offer. The primer is very sticky, shellac based & this offers a distinct advantage over most primers as it will seal any of the wood tannins (oils) or any colour in stains or finishes that can bleed through the primer from the wood.

We allow that to dry, sand it smooth, wipe off the dust & apply the non yellowing water poly cross linking urethane in any solid colour you like.

The entire process from the time we remove & reinstall your doors is about a week depending on the size and number of colours involved.

We do remove your doors & drawer fronts and bring them to our shop where we have a large spray booth, we will not ask you to use your house or garage as a spray area for the doors like some companies do. This gives us the time and work area we need to get the job done right. To ensure they are cured/dried and have had the opportunity to flash off all the low VOC solvents before we rehang them. We layer them on a roll out truck bed between furniture pads for safe delivery.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets
Before & After Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Painted Kitchen Cabinets
Professional Wood Finishes

We at the time I write this have completed 786 kitchens, over 30,000+ cabinet doors,household furniture, hotel furniture as well as the CN Tower restaurant.

Our Kitchen Cabinet Painting Process & system works, it is highly effective.

Our 39 years experience has taught us a great deal and we use that knowledge and skill set to complete the best possible job for every surface we encounter and we have worked with a great deal of various surfaces.

There are 2 ways to get a quote from us:

#1 Fill out an online form, we get the information we need fast, offer a faster quote so you can see if we are a fit with your budget and then we can visit your home with a sample and go over any questions you have.

#2 Email us your phone #, name & address and the best days and times of any given week that you are available and we will get you set up for an in home visit as soon as we can and usually in 3 to 6 days depending on your location and proximity to us.:

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