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So you want Painted Cabinets?

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Current trends are having home owners save Big Bucks by having Kitchen Cabinets Painted.

What are the Pitfalls?

What are crucial aspects of the process you need to follow?

There is a very specific process that should be followed if you want the best possible adhesion for the longest time, you need time, patience and the right products

One if delving to do their own kitchen should understand "Take NO Shortcuts", if you fail to do the best possible preparation and your new finish peels you will need to start all over.

Short answer is to thoroughly clean and degrease the doors, if you are dealing with Oak and it is a thin dry finish then clean them twice! It's long and daunting but very important.

Next you must do a finish sanding at the least, there may be areas that require sanding that breaks through the finish and that will need to be dealt with.

You must use a sealer/primer, one that is solvent compatible with the old finish, the reason a sealer is required is 3 fold. #1 It stops 99% of the oils in the wood from bleeding through your new finish and discolouring it. #2 It blocks tannin or alcohol based stains from bleeding through into the new finish. #3 It blocks oil based stains from bleeding into the new finish.

If you fail to seal the wood this will happen at some point, that nice white lighter colour you chose will change colour on you whether in small areas or streaks.

You also want a non-yellowing top coat. I prefer for many reasons a urethane product (there are many types available) Paints I do not like, they get brittle over time and do not expand and contract with the wood movement as well as urethanes due, even the Waterborne Alkyds are not as good as a cross linking urethane.

Interior cabinet urethanes are mostly sprayed however rolling & brushing are possible with the right equipment that can handle the solvent in the product (Urethanes are mostly Low VOC)

You must practice, these products are fast drying, do not over work them, apply them and let them "self level"

If you have any questions then use the comment section and I will respond as soon as possible.

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